I make a big thing out of my birthday … no one else is going to!
I had a great bfast with Sue at Bannisters(www.bannisters.com.au), drove to Sydney and caught up with Amanda (daughter)(www.amandamooneychiro.com.au) and my parents (www.idonthave a computer.com) for a quick Pie from WTTC(www.wetakethecake.com.au) for lunch, moved on into Sydney town for a quick meeting, went to David Jones and got a food slicer on special and had a glass of white with an antipasta plate courtesy of WTTC, moved on to Double Bay to Thai Terrific for Dinner with son Ben, daughter Amanda and surfer Anthony. What a great day. Thanks to all.
Joined facebook today and that just looks like a big bowl of facial mush. It feels like I just stumbled upon a ruin of a church and all the departed souls are screaching from the very high delaminating rafters ‘Be my friend!’ … orchestrated by the big pooha of FB who is just doing his best to intermingle tribes.
Looks like some serious time management ahead
Making a nice film at the moment … more on that soon.
So in Canberra in bed typing. Might get up later. Lots to compute and photo fix. Nat portrait gallery this arvo then Rugby aust v blue ferraris tonight at Bruce Stad.
Seen my new pic on home page www.timmooneyphotography.com