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Food Photography by Tim Mooney

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Back in September: Taking photos of food is great because it is very much a challenge. You have to be ready as food deteriorates very quickly … looses temperature, changes shape, colour etc.

To get the lighting close to what's required just set up with anything lying around the kitchen

To get the lighting close to what's required just set up with anything lying around the kitchen

Lighting plays an important part and its best to use as little as possible introduced lighting.
Always have a big glass of water with you when doing food photography. Why? Well when you get the hungers and you want to demolish the meal … have a glass of water instead … or you’ll end up the size of a bus.

Rick Stein at the Sydney Fish Markets

Monday, September 14th, 2009

With Rick Stein at Bannisters it was really fun to explore the Sydney Fish Markets with Rick in search of the freshest … knowledge. We spent hours there and it was absolutely fascinating. So many species, so much opportunity for photography.
I thought these little red fellas were interestingly ‘arranged’

As one year passes so do 56 … by Tim Mooney

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I make a big thing out of my birthday … no one else is going to!
I had a great bfast with Sue at Bannisters(, drove to Sydney and caught up with Amanda (daughter)( and my parents (www.idonthave a for a quick Pie from WTTC( for lunch, moved on into Sydney town for a quick meeting, went to David Jones and got a food slicer on special and had a glass of white with an antipasta plate courtesy of WTTC, moved on to Double Bay to Thai Terrific for Dinner with son Ben, daughter Amanda and surfer Anthony. What a great day. Thanks to all.
Joined facebook today and that just looks like a big bowl of facial mush. It feels like I just stumbled upon a ruin of a church and all the departed souls are screaching from the very high delaminating rafters ‘Be my friend!’ … orchestrated by the big pooha of FB who is just doing his best to intermingle tribes.
Looks like some serious time management ahead
Making a nice film at the moment … more on that soon.
So in Canberra in bed typing. Might get up later. Lots to compute and photo fix. Nat portrait gallery this arvo then Rugby aust v blue ferraris tonight at Bruce Stad.
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