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That Control Factor by Tim Mooney

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I like to be in control of a car when I’m in it. I get a bit crook if I’m not at the wheel.

Yesterday I was out with clients shooting for their portfolio … for 3 hours. In an out of the car and fairly uninspiring weather to boot. Something about being in control that drives the creative juice pump. I found yesterday that I really had to work hard to get the shot. I really had to zone out and detach. All good though. I was left to the job and even though the light was dead I got the shots. Now I can see how valuable 15 years Photoshop experience is.

Rick Stein at the Sydney Fish Markets

Monday, September 14th, 2009

With Rick Stein at Bannisters it was really fun to explore the Sydney Fish Markets with Rick in search of the freshest … knowledge. We spent hours there and it was absolutely fascinating. So many species, so much opportunity for photography.
I thought these little red fellas were interestingly ‘arranged’

Ants and The Big Smoke by Tim Mooney

Friday, September 4th, 2009

When I take shots like the following of Sydney CBD I think of the volume of people inside. Head down or eyes out the window looking at the helicopter?
When I drive and see all the traffic around me I think that this procession is going on everywhere.

When I’m waiting to take off in the chopper and big jumbo loads of people are landing or lifting off … that too is happening everywhere. Numbers, numbers … Ants on the move that’s all we are.
We are but a little cog in the wheel of progress/fortune/whatever.
Maybe its not all about me.
Its about tolerance.