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NSW Golf Course by Tim Mooney

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Aerial photo of golf course

Botany Bay Golf © Tim Mooney

When I have been out on an aerial photographic ‘mission’ in Sydney we sometimes have to wait at Botany Bay heads before clearance is available back to Mascot. The NSW Golf Course and others are close by and make a photogenic scene when calm and clear.

Darling Point Aerial Photo by Tim Mooney

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Aerial photograph of Darling Point Sydney

Darling Point © Tim Mooney

Aerial Photography in Sydney is a passion of mine and its great to discover different aerial angles. This shot of Darling Point in Sydney shows the diverse nature of land sizes and architectural choices. In my Aerial Photography Book of Sydney – Sydney Waterfronts East – most of the imagery is taken lower than this altitude.

Twin Tugs

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Two tugs at wharf

PB Murray and PB Darling © Tim Mooney

In my aerial photography flights of Sydney I get to see some great images … just there. This shot was taken over Port Botany and shows the twins at base station.

The twins are identical tugs, namely the PB Murray and the PB Darling. Its possible they were named after two of our great rivers … The Murray River and The Darling River

If you are interested in prints or other usage of this image please contact me

Its been too long

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


Grey day Where have you been?

I joined the Sydney Sketch Club last week and had a very ‘enlightening ‘ experience with new people and places and mediums etc. I love sketching and stuff like that so I got right into it. We went to the Australian National Maritime Museum and stayed inside as it was pouring with rain.

Here’s one of my sketches:

Sketch of suit cases at Sydney Maritime Museum

Black pen on paper.

I was inspired by being amongst a great bunch of likeminded people and it was a productive day. Now I have my own set of mini watercolours that I can add colour to my sketches with. Stay tuned.

O yes I still take plenty of pics. Yesterday I flew in Sydney and we manufactured great weather out of a better than average day.

Here’s a Mother with Babies in Rose Bay:

small boats

Mother and Babies Rose Bay Tim Mooney Photography©-0418670437

Cheers until ?


Decorator Photographic Prints by Tim Mooney

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
New web page for ordering photographic enlargements

New web page for ordering photographic enlargements

I’ve been inspired to add a page to my website where you can buy print enlargements of selected aerial photography.
Every week I supply the lead image to Virtual Realty News (VRN) written by Robert Simeon of Richardson and Wrench Mosman. These images are now available in print format and its simple to order them from this page

Just another brick in the rebuild process by Tim Mooney

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Rebuilding is fun ... but can be done without

Rebuilding is fun ... but can be done without

I remember hearing this famous Pink Floyd song time and time again and thought that I understood it. Now on the recovery road from being a little ill I realise that the rebuilding of one’s health is an art form.
When our immune system gets messed up its not just a matter of getting better. Its a matter of analysing all the parts and softly testing how they can best go back together.
So all our education history comes into play and we have to biologically relearn how to be in balance … its a long road.
Hey teacher ! Leave those kids alone!

Acupressure by Tim Mooney

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Acupressure interests me greatly. Whilst I get little attacks of fatigue I have long been a user of acupuncture as a balancing tool for the body’s energy systems. Recently I rediscovered Acupressure in a dedicated book given to me by my book printer in Singapore. Simple system, stunning results.
Self treatment is possible and delivers results. One of the best points on the body for getting rid of most pain is on the hand just back from the junction of the thumb and first finger.

Acupressure point to calm and relieve pain

Acupressure point to calm and relieve pain

Don’t use this point during pregnancy

I massage this point a lot to get rid of minor headaches and general pain. It works. Try it.

Ants and The Big Smoke by Tim Mooney

Friday, September 4th, 2009

When I take shots like the following of Sydney CBD I think of the volume of people inside. Head down or eyes out the window looking at the helicopter?
When I drive and see all the traffic around me I think that this procession is going on everywhere.

When I’m waiting to take off in the chopper and big jumbo loads of people are landing or lifting off … that too is happening everywhere. Numbers, numbers … Ants on the move that’s all we are.
We are but a little cog in the wheel of progress/fortune/whatever.
Maybe its not all about me.
Its about tolerance.

Cloud Valley Farm on the market – by Tim Mooney

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I was very pleased with the results of both the stills and the ‘movie’ of Cloud Valley Farm which David Nolan has now listed … take a peep at the pics

and the ‘movie’

Darling Harbour Sydney by Tim Mooney

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I had dinner with Rick Stein last week in Darling Harbour. We went to a ‘famous’ seafood restaurant which was actually pathetic. The same day this pic appeared in one of Sydney’s leading blog comments:

I’ll be flying this week for aerial photography . Where do you want me to go?